We pride ourselves at St. John’s of not only producing good students but good athletes as well. Although we are a small school, students are able to compete in a variety of sports and these students are prepared once they get to High School.
— Steven Sgourdos, Teacher and Coach

Promoting Health


We believe athletics is an integral part of a child’s ability to become a well rounded individual. Athletics promote a sense of sportsmanship and fair play as well as good overall health.

Saint John’s students from grades Kindergarten through 8th enjoy regular gym class and recess in addition to the extra-curricular competitive athletics programs.

Competitive Athletics

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School in Loveland, Colorado offers Middle School Athletics for grade 6-8. We have Girls Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Boys and Girls Track and Field.

St. John's students compete in the Northern Colorado Independent League against other Loveland and Ft. Collins charter schools and private schools.


Pre-k -  5th

St. John's and Loveland Parks and Recreation coordinate opportunities for teams with St. John's students grade Pre K-5th to practice at St. Johns for:

  • Boys and girls flag football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

Signup for these teams takes place during the appropriate season through Loveland Parks and Recreation


6th - 8th

The Athletics Director coordinates the middle school teams for:

  • Girls Volleyball (Fall)
  • Boys Basketball (Early Winter)
  • Girls Basketball (Late Winter)
  • Track (Spring)

other opportunities

Students who attend St. John's aren't limited to participating in sports at St. John's.  The public school system offers athletic opportunities to all private school students and parents can pick which school the student will play for.

There are also a number of highly competitive leagues that our students play for.


2008-2009 - NCIL Middle School Boys Varsity Basketball Champions
2013-2014 - NCIL Middle School Boys Varsity Basketball Runner-Up (2nd Place)
2014-2015 - NCIL Middle School Girls Varsity Volleyball Runner-Up (2nd Place)


In addition to physical education, recess, and extra-curricular sports, St. John's hosts an all-school field day in the fall and a walk-a-thon in the spring to encourage our families to lead healthy and active lives.