Leadership through Service

Jesus "came not to be served, but to serve." (Mark 10:45)

Students are challenged to be great leaders in the mold of Jesus; from a desire to serve others.  Classes participate in local and world-wide service projects, creating authentic experiences to demonstrate Christian values.

Additionally, students have more opportunities to demonstrate leadership through service by:

  • Being a classroom leader

  • Serving and cleaning the lunchroom

  • Leading prayers and reading announcements

  • Participating in classroom and extracurricular clubs and projects

  • Reading and serving at weekly Mass

  • Christian Leadership Club


St John Catholic School Service Project Loveland

Service Projects

Service to others is an important part of the Christian faith.  Our school helps students understand the blessings that they have received and encourages them to share those blessings with others.

At St. John's, each class is required to organize and implement a class service project each school year.  These can range from canned food drives, to serving the homeless, assisting the elderly, penny competition fundraisers, and more!  Additionally, during Catholic Schools Week, the entire school engages in a school-wide service project.

Some of our school service projects have been featured in the local news media.  You can read about them by clicking the links below.


Service isn't just for students, St. John's has many opportunities for parents to get involved through family events, parent organizations, and in the classroom.