St. John’s is so special because all of the students are so closely knit together that you just know someone will be there to catch you when you fall.
— Dalia, Student

Here are some of the required and elective courses that shape a well-rounded educational experience at
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School



Students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade take Spanish class.  One of the final tests in 8th Grade is that the class goes to a local Mexican restaurant and are required to order and speak only in Spanish.

Service Projects

Each year, every class has a different service project. Some benefit charities locally where some help people throughout the world.  During Catholic Schools Week, the entire school participates in a school-wide service project.


The School Advisory Council has adopted a dress code for Saint John’s Catholic School. The Principal or designee determines appropriateness under the St. John’s Dress Code. The students dress and appearance promotes the development of Christian values, cleanliness, health, and safety. It also reflects good judgment, poise, increased maturity, and helps to provide a healthy, business-like, and purposeful atmosphere for study. The dress code is consistently enforced at the school.


Students from K through 8th participate in Art Class.  There is an Art Show in the Spring.

Choir and General Music

Students from Junior Kindergarten through 8th Grade are required to participate in choir and general music.


Students participate in the annual Christmas concert with Christian music sung in the parish Sanctuary.

Recess, P.E.

While other schools are eliminating recess and P.E., those programs continue at St. John's.  Numerous studies show that physical activity leads to better academic achievement and we see proof of that at St. John's.  St. John's students can even play dodgeball!  Click here to learn more about athletics.


Students in grades 5 - 8 may participate in St. John's band. There is an initial meeting for parents interested in having a child join the band at the beginning of the school year. St. John's and Immanuel Lutheran have a combined band for beginners. Middle school students may select band as an elective class during the school day.

MASS AND adoration

Students from 1st - 8th Grade attend weekly Mass and also Adoration of the Holy Eucharist.  Adoration is a quiet time to be in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation

Students receive all the religious education necessary to complete these Sacraments.


The school library is available to all St. John's Catholic School students. Most students are able to visit the library weekly.  The library is staffed by a professional librarian. 


Our speech team competes in the Denver metro area and consistently brings home awards.

Lego Robotics Club

Lego Robotics provide an exciting introduction to engineering skills.

Battle of the Books

Students in grades 3-4 can participate in Battle of the Books, a "Jeopardy" style competition where students are tested on their knowledge of different books.  St. John's teams consistently win championships in this competition.

Math Counts

Math Counts is an elective program where students compete in mathematics against other schools.

Student Council

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in student council.