Brianna Munhenke
5th Grade


I have a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University, as well as my elementary Teaching License.

This is my sixth year teaching, and I have additional professional hours in mathematics, which is one of my favorite subjects to teach.


What I love most about working at St. John’s:
Even though I am new, the community is vibrant.  They have been extremely supportive, encouraging, and strong in faith. Working with the kids in an atmosphere centered around virtues, as well as working with staff in the same capacity makes it feel like a family.


Where I’m from:
Fort Collins, CO


Interests and Hobbies:
I am a pianist, and love singing loudly along to the radio. I also dabble in pyrography (wood burning) and sketching. You’ll most likely find me playing basketball or soccer outside when the sun is shining.


A personal note:
One of my favorite books is A Wrinkle in Time, and I love watching Studio Ghibli Films.

I’m inspired by:
I’m inspired by my grandmother. She emigrated from Germany to America after WWII. She has the sweetest temperament, hard won wisdom, and a ‘never give up’ attitude. Her persistence in life drives me to be persistent and patient in my own work as a teacher. In turn, I try to pass that same persistence and patience on to my students.