Stephanie Sumulong
Middle School Social Studies

B.A., Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, 2000
M.A., University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 2010

What I love most about working at St. John’s: 
St. John’s is a family.  Students, parents, and faculty care about one another and each other’s well-being. 

Where I’m from:         
Because my father was in the Navy when I was young, I spent time in many places.  For most of my childhood, I grew up in a small town in Northeast Ohio, on Lake Erie.

Interests and Hobbies:
I am an avid reader and am always in the middle of 2-3 books at a time.  I like trying out new recipes, traveling, and biking with my family.

A personal note: 
I have been married to my husband, Solito since 2003 and we have one son, Owen, who is in elementary school.  I am an outspoken advocate in the local/state/national Down syndrome community.

Teacher who impacted my life:   
My favorite teacher was Miss Hoover.  She taught American History in a way that helped me connect it to my personal life.  She told great stories and gave us more than just the “textbook” version of history.  She inspired me to become a social studies teacher and to go beyond what is written in any book.